2 min readMay 10, 2021

A few days, a couple of days that I haven’t update stories. Kinda freaking me out with lots of responsibility. — Wait, am I too hyperbole? ah, screw it.

So, today will be the last moment of the sacred fasting event. Where we’ll meet again in the next year tho. I want to spell about my fasting experience through this year. I mean, this month.

Tbh, almost screwed. I was too naive and focused (But less worked) with all the whole college assignment. Therefore I start to think “Who cares?”, few opinion or thought tells about college isn’t serious at all. Just chill and let it flow like air & water tho. Whenever I heard that opinion, makes my ear & feeling sick tbh. Because the college may not that easy, depending on your life-fate. When your fate brings to you about a way that is not connected with college stuff, you may can say like that. But with people that have similar fate tho.

Mostly, I mean commonly. People want to pass their college, survive until last semester to get graduated then start the office stuff. And yeah, there’s a lot problems and challenges on it. Depend by how’s you manage it, and I am still progress into.

I’ve reached ‘two head’ age, in this depth. Lots of responsibility needed to realize. Simply, when you reach this depth. Lots of problems will come, and how do you manage & organize. In order, you can improve or not.

When you see my stories that I had post into. You’ll see how am I struggling, spell the problem, complain, and.. yet trash-talk that have no solution on it. But in this case, we’ll trough, we’ll pass. How we manage and organize, you’ll improve about how your talent trough.

Furthermore, I was done designing my Powerpoint (PPT) presentation for one of courses that needed using English as main language/study. So, that’s why I feel excited to write a new story/post in this Medium platform.

Yesterday, or maybe 2 days ago I finally change my Blog template. Yet, I found many problems. But I can pass through without asking people/person. Fortunately, Google and a few documents bring me up to the solution. Whenever I see it, this is just a piece of cake. — But people as commonly “What the heck is this? Who he can code that complexity?”

Back to the point, people have different talents. That therefore when they develop their talent, they’ll improve and reach mastery depth. But what happens if the talent is not giving benefit to each other? Well, depend.

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash