Fetish Again

4 min readApr 27, 2021

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with my friend. Talk about weird stuff, and yeah. It’s about fetish and hentai. — I totally want to explain my thought. And how dangerous fetish progress is.

You know, a few days ago I was send/post in this Medium about ‘Fetish’ things. According to many websites, fetish refers to sex attraction disorder. Simply you/people that interest by his/her sex obsession by weird object/things that surely common people may don’t attract.

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So many kinds of fetishes depending on every person’s perspective. For example, people may have a fetish about looking at the foot that making he/she getting aroused. Or even worse, we didn’t know. Because of how long, how depth you sink, you dive in the dark side of the Internet (refers to.. negative things. You gotta know this one. If you don’t, notice me by comment, I’ll explain explicitly tho) you’ll improve.

— You’ll progress. But not progress as improvement as is. Commonly, mostly degenerate.

Why I can say that? Even some opinion says about ‘Fetish’ is fine, depend by.. — Ah screw it bullshit. You gotta refresh your mind dude. (Despite that sometimes when I screwed, I can be trapped by my own word). Do you think those fetishes are fine as is? I mean, what happens if that ‘dirty mind’ — no, I mean ‘weird sex attraction disorder’ can tolerance that in the real world?

In (sorry) hentai, maybe yes. But we right now in real life, not suppose to based on 2D or 3D manipulation. I understand how hardly say this, despite I sometimes still looking for 2D things. But slowly decrease and filter that mind side. — Because tbh I always feel about my fetish things someday can increase. But hardly to decrease. This may literally can kill my mind & how my logic works.

Trust me, it will ruin you slowly.

First, you’ll say.. “Ew… it’s Gross!!” — But, someday.. that you didn’t feel about your fetish are spread even worse “Where’s the link? Where is it? Tell me you what thef — “ Yeah, very pitiful.

In this case, you should know about how fetish progress. How do you realize that weird sex attractions are truly dangerous. Because according to me, it’s like one step after pornographic addiction. Because you haven’t enough with all those lame styles, or etc. You’ll start to find another more. Even more.. but worse.

Sexual satisfaction is real. Commonly, purely person may didn’t notice that. Because they didn’t touch pornographic things. But in this case, I’m about looking at myself as a person that had dive into that thing tho. I’ve tried a test to my friend, how his fetish reach is. With do story-telling about fucked up H story, that contain ‘Beastially’ things. So what he response? He says “Gross, I can’t imagine that when it happens — “ Yeah, you shouldn’t imagine. And lots of people saying in a forum about that ‘fucked up’ H story that I tell, they say words of regret. Because what? ofc, those fucked up storyline.

When you feel interested in uncommon things that can trigger your sexual desire. You should warn yourself. Because that little weird satisfaction can grow to even worse.

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Different if you convert that desire in good side/habit.

For example, you studying math. With ordinary math plus-minus, you should be mastered as EZ/easy. You start to like how math mechanism. Then, fortunately, you start to understand how mathematic works and start loving this study course. Of course, you’ll start to find another challenge.. and even more that you’ll improve.

So how about people exchanging their fetish style? A community can be an important influence. Depend on the community or how you manage your community. — Yeah, we can’t control people, we can’t say to people to NOT following these things otherwise blah blah blah. They may not hear you, because “Who the hell you are? suddenly advising me..” Or even worse.

First I can say, you should start spirit by yourself. Because, the good start is the spirit to rise, take off from chains the curse of fetish. I know this may kinda hard though, tbh I still count as a warrior to get off about this curse that I made myself. Ridiculous right? but dangerous tho.

You may need community, of course, there’s a lot of community that spread the whole of the internet. But you had to filter before knocking on their door. Because as I say before “Community can being an important influence.” You can be a good person by how your communication with community grow. You can be a worse person, by the community too. So it’s depended by yourself.

Final word, you should improve. Not degenerate even worse.