How can I realize, that cheating also counts as illegal doing

5 min readJul 22, 2021

Someone copy my works without permission, unfortunately, I’m also doing that thing but in a different dimension without realizing it.

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It starts from the 4th semester which I’m still middle of college’s battlefield. You know lots of challenges and problems appear one by one. In this case, I started to learn how important teamwork is. Because no matter what who am I, if the main assignment is teamwork needed and I don’t have enough connection.. it would be lots of suffering.

So that’s why start from the 4th semester. I almost regret why I don’t join one of the organizations. Which I can improve my teamwork skill over time. But, I didn’t too regretful and try to find some way out and decided to improve. I fight to find relationship/connection with getting close with lecturer and being kind. (P.S: This is really hard, I don’t recommend this method. Because my freaking introvert forces me to do the only this way).

Back to the topic.
The final exam was really challenging. If this happens without a pandemic, it would be fun and easy I guess. Because college has library resource, which we as a student can access for free and easy-going. Depend on how we can scoop that information instead from the library.

But now is different because of the pandemic happen. Since pandemic, we must find resources by ourselves. Like e-book, journals, and etc.. which college students need.

One of the courses needs deep research (I guess) because the main objective is making a guide. How we can making a guide if we haven’t touched the physical book/resource? The answer is surfing through the sea of the internet.
This is my method because I’m currently at home. Far from campus, this also means far from resources that I’ve needed. I’m realizing right now is pandemic, and lockdown is currently noted. I won’t break through those rules, so that’s why I need to ‘Big brain’ mode a little bit.

I’ve ended suffer finding e-resource. But fortunately, my suffering ends up with understanding how assignment really works. What did it cost? Almost everything, the main thing is the ‘time’. Because I spend almost 3–5 days to understand by self-taught (Not because I don’t want to ask someone, but I have a principle that won’t bother each other. Because I bet everyone also struggling and suffer how to understand this. And I also want to train my research skill).

Eventually, I reach the finalization of how my guide works, I’ve get support to make explanation with my language style in my weblog. Usually, I write some essay/article or explanation about some assignment, which the main objective is ‘helping each other to understand. Because not all people can immediately understand the lecturer’s explanation.

In short, lots of college friends using my explanation that I’ve written down on my weblog. I was really happy can help until I accidentally found someone copies my works. Which he/she copies without editing at all.

First phase, I’m really angry about this happen. It feels like my works aren’t getting respect at all (despite I write to help each other. But not by this method lol).
Because my anger and irritation, I wrote down my thoughts and almost badmouth her/him on my weblog. But it’s no use, keep in mind I am a college student. It would be ridiculous if I ended up by badmouthing him/her because of small problem.

Second phase, I spell out this bad thing/thought by write down an article. Which is destined for that people. I used one site, that using a payment method to see some posts. Like ko-fi or something else. Then who wants to see/curious they should pay to get the requirement.

Third phase, I start to understand and imagining. Thanks to over-thinking, if not because of this habit I can’t think deep through into this.
“What happened with her/him, why did he/she decided to do that thing? I acknowledge everyone has business themselves, but why? What happens behind the scene?” Because these thoughts, I felt there’s something wrong that I can’t accuse her/him without the story behind the scene. So that’s why I have a plan to start to forgive. But it’s really hard tho. Not gonna lie.

Fourth phase, one day… I usually browse & surf through the internet. Commonly read some article or find some good goods. And I accidentally found a good thing on the internet. That is really damn good article, that I only can found in this place/site. If I search in another site, it’s paid content.
In this case, I understand about what am I doing is illegal tho. Like using their content for personal purposes. Even in my case is for academic purpose, but I can say what am I doing is have no difference. Illegal is still illegal tho.

And I realize, I’m also doing this thing too. I commonly using pirated software and the developer may didn’t bother with that thing. But in this situation, I know directly the author feels irritated and tweet how’s sad because she knows her content is being copied for free and illegal.

I immediately remember someone copying works in my weblog without permission to copy & paste without editing.
“Is this situation, I’m also doing the same thing tho?”
Yes, basically. Because I also consume/using the content which is paid content.

Also in same time, I’m remember that someone said when I angry at looking up for the first time my works being copied without credit even permission. He said,

“Alright you’ve done well. Your works may pretty good and decent as is someone brave and decided to copy your works. So, keep positive way.”.

Is this means my works are decent and well-explained?
So that’s why people can understand quickly and brave to do copy-paste without think the side-effect?

Alright, time to over-thinking again!
They using my works, my articles, my explanations.. and much more. Someone giving me a respect and thanks about my explanation is helpful for some reason (especially in this situation, which we can’t through offline).
So… what’s gonna be?

By time, I start to realize which I’m also doing the same thing. Using an illegal, copying other works even for personal purpose.
Then I decided slowly to forgive her/him about that. Keep note, I did not tell her/him or even blame him/her. So I just keep those irritated feel in my personal diary/notes. Fortunately I haven’t send e-punch or even e-blame into her/him directly.