I Should more grateful

3 min readApr 18, 2021

I wrote this because I want to feel more about grateful things. Because a few days ago, or in my age. I’m always feel like, “why I didn’t lucky” or “I’m unfortunately” or something even worse. — So I want to realize that I’m lucky with all things ofc. And need to grateful.

Gifted? maybe, or just luckily? maybe. Well, there’s no accidental in this world. All those things every atomic of course has been planned well. I may say, this about God things, that I can’t explain further more.

I was so lucky, that I had perfect organ. I can read, I can write, I can hear, I can walk, I can say anything that I want. Without fear or something sickness or difference that I fear.

I have an idea to wrote this, because yesterday. I was ask to one of my college friend. It was problem like, you know.. Leadership. I still need so much learn ‘n advice about that skill. Because teamwork are really needed in employee world.

Despite I am being as boss, but I’m bad on teamwork. Result is zero quality. — So am I, this one challenge that need to pass. I need to improve. Right now, I’m adult. Then of course I must be like an adult as commonly.

You can’t hide the problem, run the problem, even escape. You can’t. So with all cost, you need to keep stronger and beat them all one by one.

— “you” refers to me.

My friend was inform me about his activity. He was so busy than me (what am I doing everyday? why I can say.. I’m busy). But he keeps say, “I’ll do it” or “I’ll help you. So what can I do for you?”

In the end, he say about his busy activity that I can’t imagine if I’m in his position. I heard about Quran verse, that say..

Weight problem on people, are depend by his/her power to strenghthen. — This mean, if he can do it. So that’s mean he is strong with all cost. He was trained with many weight problem, and he can pass ‘n trough well.

How about me? A guy that always struggling with problem, even an easy problem but make difficult by it self tho. And even worse, in this age. He still can’t improve about the teamwork skill tho.

Really, I need to improve and being gratefully ofc.

I have a time, I have a device that decent to convert my idea to something that can be learned by someone, I have a place, I have a friends that can be support me anytime. So I need to gratefully. I will, and still progress in.

I’ll notify by continue writing my progress in Medium post.




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