Hello, I was new here. Yesterday I reach max limit post article or stories in Medium. But now I feel like kinda boreed about it. — Well, in that case I must keep my writing skill with all cost. Because it will help me further more.

So, yeah. I’m gonna story-telling about my college life. Lmao. By the way, if you know me in college, you may know the reason I’m writing this in Medium. I just didn’t realize and what am I fear.. are true realized.

A few years ago, I was experienced as chief leader. You know, chief. Like chief for something big purpose. And I don’t know why, boss selecting me out then put ’em my name into it. I was really confused and threatened. In that age, I was braindead. Which mean, I really dumb and stuck about leadership.

— I don’t know about this condition then. Hehe.

Not because I didn’t strong enough. I was really mental dead, you know. I didn’t know well about my community. I just chill and keep the way in, — keep the airflow the way in. _I don’t know how I’m explain. But, I just don’t want to make problem. Being like as common usual person ofc.

Yeah, in that age I didn’t realize that purpose is for train my mental psychologist tho. Being as a leader teach me out about you aren’t like bring all your weight of the world (lmao) by yourself. — But your team, bring our weight of the world (lmao) together. — Because it have same purpose and same decision.

I just need to understand and calm. What ever it takes, I want look really fine. I have a principle, that men should be strong what ever it takes. No matter what happen, you need to keep your outfit outside like they didn’t know what happen to you.

— Because I’m a men. May totally a men now, despite I’m watching some kawai things.. but trully outside, I’m a men now. So, being like a men as commonly. Proof that you are a men.

I’m always charge my spirit with that principle. Maybe people say about, “you just can chill and cry what ever you want.” — yeah, I’m do it often. But, in this case I need to compress the problem and try what ever choice that can be ease the problem it self tho.

Step by step, I starting to understand. And learn about little leadership. One point thing that I press is “don’t bring a comment as a long you can’t do.”

— -I mean, if you don’t know what you do. Don’t just bring negative comment and let them bring their best peformance.

Yeah, commonly I am doing as reflect. Criticize but they don’t know and what happen if they bringing up about their responsibility tho. Because we don’t know.

Tbh, I was writing this article/story for myself. To strenghten and charge my spirit up due some problem. Not really big, just like my own mental tho. Heheh, anyway. Thanks for reading.

Notice me up by commenting. I’m bet there’s a lot grammar or sentences that I put ’em in wrong purpose. So, notice me up.

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