Practice Making Bot Music on Discord by Open-source script. Thanks to Jagrosh

5 min readApr 24, 2021

Take a new improvement about knowledge stuff or do an essay (A lots essay).

I don’t know why, I suddenly interest about making bot discord. I mean, do experimental with this multimedia chat platform. A lots of discord that I’ve been used to, but I didn’t experience “How about, I do it myself?”. Then I start to browse, google is my best friend in this condition. Lol.

( are my main idea and how I get those free open-source repository. There’s so much open-source discord bot that you can explore ‘n try. Commonly you should understand basic of programming to get quick start ‘n understand (Sadly, I don’t have. I mean totally forgot about what am I self-taught with programing stuff at highschool).

I Start by using Java. A lots of discord bot, running by python or another language. But I fortunately start Java as main language to make my own music bot discord. Jagrosh (developer) bring lots repository ‘n explanation about how to use. Even I say, understanding about editing script.. maybe quiet enough for take practice lol. — But soon, I’ll try to explore more and make it awesome.

I have a few experience about using discord developer. But not kinda like I make my own app/bot. — I just experiencing how to make custom rich presence. You know, discord have feature that can give a peek information/status about what you doing or apps do you currently use. Like playing games, or listening Spotify, or open editing software that can trigger Discord to read simple detail about what you do now literally.

This may can be as little flex lol.

Despite I only reach depth music bot creation. I still want to explore more, therefore this will be increase about coding experience and how my logic form are build. But some assignments are involve me to remember “You still have an important things that you should do so.” Then I take a bookmark on it, I’ll open it whenever I’ve done with this whole assignment.

Here it is. A few screenshot lie down here, with my explanation..

I start to looking up about open source discord bot. Then fortunately I found this, how lucky am I isn’t? lol.

Therefore I was register my account into GitHub, but I didn’t pretty well using GitHub. So I just chill by registering GitHub, at least I have an account in there tho 😅 — And my time has come, time to open GitHub for important purpose.

Thanks for Jagrosh for giving so much repository and explanation about how discord bot works in his wiki. Maybe that’s why I can understand even I don’t have experience for coding stuff. Only armed with script editing knowledge lol.

— Of course in this depth. I touch many things about developer’s world here. Discord Developer Portal is one of them. To make my own bot discord, I gotta make a new application and register it by discord developer tho.

Fortunately, as like I said before. I’ve used discord dev portal when practice about Discord RPC (Rich Presence) Status. You gotta addicted for it btw. So yeah, I quiet understand how literally discord dev enviroment is.

Especially for making an application part.

I make my own application, which means this lead to me for build my own bot. And I got footnote about how danger is when Token Bot getting revealed by accidentally or incident, you or me as bot developer will screwed up.


Simply, token is very important key for developers. Not only discord bot, but commonly program that involved with internet connection. They’ll have an access token to get an exclusive/administration access for it. So I should be carefull.

Here is it. My.. I don’t know is this my first time I make my own bot or not. But this one are birth by serious reason lmao 😂. — Why using Artes as main name bot? Not such a cool name or deep depth meaning name. Usually, I am using pretty hard difficult understand name.

Artes is one of my fiction character. Especially She was an artifical intelligence that serve Iruma. You may don’t understand, no problem 😁.

P.S Artes name are refers to ‘Art’ — Pretty well in art. Such an well artificial intelligence. Lmao.

Then I start script editing. This is one of my favorite practice. — Editing, change name/variables, make some experiment.. get bug and screwed lol. Nah, just kidding. Developer, Jagrosh give detailed explanation on config.txt file. So I quiet understand enough by my low-end English skill then giving me courage to edit.

Finally it works! Horray! Time to test her!!

Default config running well, I took this screenshot just now. But before, I edit some config’s script that giving me little understanding about how config works. So that’s it.

— I didn’t bring so much expectation. Like music quality or ping response or.. something good else.

That because my music bot are currently running by my own laptop as main host/server/webshocket, so it’s natural when running by 400+ ms ping respone 😆. Despite with all those cons, I feel gratful can make my own bot music with experimental action.

Thanks to Jagrosh.