When I was notice that Medium Partnership isn’t available in my country. What my response?

This is not the first time I’m trying.

3 min readAug 4, 2021

First I notice Medium like a blogging platform, I decided to take try writing and join the community there. Because I saw lots of articles… mostly can be completely read if the user joins the membership program. This is just like people using Spotify, if they didn’t want ad bothering them — just apply for the membership program (this means premium order).

Same as Medium. Lots of decent writers in there and pretty interesting to read. You know, Medium’s writers think properly to make interesting titles & articles and decided where they should post according to their tags. I guess that’s why when I’m sliding into one of the topics, I found lots of interesting articles.

Sometimes I found a brilliant article which being promoted from Medium Official Twitter. So, I just put’em bookmark that tweet and I’ll read later.

Sadly, Medium only allows normal-user to read 2 worthy articles. The rest… we should pay or join the membership program. Since I am being selected an international program in college, I’m decided to train myself in English stuff. Such as my language, vocabulary, and grammar. I realize this is pretty tough if I don’t train myself well.

I’ll tell how my story about improving my English skill later

(Tbh, I’m also subject which using ‘tricks’ to keep access to read articles. This means breaking the maximum normal user allows. You know what I mean) — I realize that is wrong, so I decided to try the membership program. Well, who knows I can improve my English writing skill by reading nutritious articles.

— According to Peter Elbow, in the Free Writing method. When I want to improve my writing skill, I also need to read nutritious books. You know, brain will recognize which best script or worst script and it will automatically apply when do writing.

That’s why I take an interest in Medium’s articles. Which lots of them are really nutritious articles, and I believe they write them properly. So if I apply for a membership program it would be worth it.


But unfortunately, my country isn’t available to join the Medium partnership. I don’t know when they will add my country or registering them — but instead of this, I must keep my spirit to writing articles one by one on this platform.

Using a Notion, Obsidian, Discord, Google Keep, and much more. I am using them as a draft then proofreading with Grammarly or one of my friends and the finalization — upload into Medium.

Because I believe some people my passing by my articles and read a little bit. Getting interested or just donating a few claps. I realize that my grammar and vocabulary are still worse or still need to train, that’s why I’m here to show up my progress about learning English stuff by writing my thoughts using a foreign language with good explanations such as I’m writing real paper/essay.

So the conclusion is, whatever will be… I must keep writing because I’m currently a college student. I should improve my soft-skill, such as writing, summary, and much more (that should be mastered based on my study program. Library Science).